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નૂતન વર્ષાભિનંદન 2018 - Poem by Babar Chavda

નૂતન વર્ષાભિનંદન 

by Babar Chavda

નૂતન વર્ષે નૂતન પ્રગતિ, વિશ્વમાં પ્રસરો સદા

નૂતન માર્ગે વહન થાતા, દફન થાઓ આપદા,

નવલ વર્ષે જીવન જ્યોતિ, નવલ રૂપે ઝળહળો,

સદ્કાર્યની રશ્મિ મહિં, સુભાવના સિદ્ધિ ફળો,

નૂતન વર્ષે જીવન મધ્યે, નવલતા પ્રસરી રહો

દીન રંકના ઉદ્ધારમાં, સેવા તણો અમીરસ વહો,

નિ:સ્વાર્થતા ને વિનયતાનું હ્રદયમાં ઝરણું ઝરો

આશિષ દઇ ‘બાબર’ વદે, સદભાવના હૈયે ભરો.

English Translation by Mrunal Chavda

Happy New Year

New Year new progress world should foresee

Paths taken anew buried disasters we will see

New Year light of life shine brightly ever

Bestowed with godly deeds high spirits spread forever

Half spent life with New Year’s new resolutions with new wings

Let uplifting poor and serving downtrodden tune my heart sings

Let the flow of selflessness and humility spring from my soul

Blessing all ‘Babar’ wishes let the goodwill of mankind be our goal.

I have great pleasure to introduce Babar Chavda’s poem ‘Happy New Year’. This is one of the many poems Babar Chavda composed and I have taken it from his ‘Self-Composed Poems’. Babar Chavda arrived in Cape Town (South Africa) from a small village in Surat in 1908. Known for his poetry, Chavda wishes Happy New Year to all and wishes that everyone should make a resolution to serve humankind without any differences of caste, colour, and creed. In each verse, Chavda inspires us to think of humanity as One Kind and leaving behind all the man-made differences.